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Bob Livingston's 9th solo album was one of the happiest surprises of 2017 -- which was when superfans were first able to pre-order a small number of pre-release copies. Now, the celebrated singer-songwriter-storyteller-road dog is pushing out 'Up the Flatland Stairs' to a wider audience with a series of album release parties. It's an eclectic collection featuring folk country, bluegrass, Texas swing, '60s-style psychedelia and even a cowboy campfire song send up of working mothers. Livingston left no stone unturned in this follow-up to his previous effort, which was named the Texas Music Association's Album of the Year in 2011. There's charming lyricism, musical acrobatics (from underrated Guitar Ninja Bradley Kopp) and sincere optimism from a Texas music legend. Even better -- you can catch Livingston and Kopp together at Poor David's, one of the city's very best venues for music lovers who want to hang on every single note.

Texas Music Legends Hall of Famer Bob Livingston celebrates the release of his 9th solo album, Up The Flatland Stairs, at Poor David's Pub, an intimate listening room in Dallas. A founding member of the Lost Gonzo Band and cultural ambassador for the U.S. State Department, Livingston performs with Austin guitarist Bradley Kopp.

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