There is one very important rule that Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters are known for enforcing: No talking or texting during the movie. It's harder to convince some people to stay off their phones than others. Sometimes you need to scare them straight.

So why not get the director of films like Halloween and The Thing to talk some sense into them?

The new Alamo Drafthouse Las Colinas, which opened earlier this month and is part of the Toyota Music Factory entertainment complex, is located off of John W. Carpenter Freeway. That freeway is not named after the legendary film director who is also named John Carpenter, but that hasn't stopped the movie theater chain from having some fun with the name, filling the lobby and hallways with John Carpenter movie posters.

Starting now, the legendary director will also be telling Drafthouse customers, "Don't text or talk in the movie. Especially in my movies."

Carpenter recorded a public service announcement that will debut at tonight's screening of his movie Christine, which is being shown as part of a month-long John Carpenter retrospective event, "Big Trouble in Las Colinas," at the new theater. The video is short, but it features nods to Carpenter's classic movies and features his own music in the background.

After the video's local debut this month it will serve as a PSA that could show up anywhere, any time at Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide.

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