Within the next 30 days, a new beer shop, growler fill-up station and bar called the Bearded Monk will open at 122 E. McKinney St. in Denton.

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Backyard neighbors with popular beer garden East Side, the 2,200 square foot storefront will feature taps and bottles of craft beers to help educate the community, owner Ben Esely said.

The craft beer market in North Texas is growing, but hasn't reached the level of Colorado or Portland, he said. The goal is to help educate and facilitate that experience for customers, Esely said. He has been tracking the market and blogging about it in recent years at his website, Beer Drinker's Society, and more recently for our sister publication, The Dallas Morning News' beer blog, which is now part of GuideLive.com.

Ben Webster will help run the shop, and Andie Sterling, cafe director at Harvest House, may collaborate with the shop to offer beer education classes.

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Jenna Duncan is the business reporter for the Denton Record Chronicle.

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