And then there were two.

Dallasite JoJo Fletcher is just one step — albeit two episodes — away from finding her husband, after an epic and no doubt dramatic season as star of The Bachelorette.

'Bachelorette' recap: JoJo Fletcher's hometown dates ranked by hot messiness

One could argue her journey truly began this time during the Ben Higgins' run as The Bachelor. Monday it came full circle when Fletcher whisked her top three off to Thailand to seal the deals in the fantasy suite. But unlike Higgins, JoJo didn't let the "love" word slip frivolously

She did, however, give the Texan sweetheart Luke Pell the boot before heading over seas.

As you may remember, last week the show left viewers hanging on for dear life at a post-hometowns rose ceremony with Fletcher in the throes of a panic attack. Turns out, Pell's last minute "I love you" wasn't enough to save him from elimination. After watching the couple's goodbye, you had to wonder if it were the right time. What happened to happily ever Texas, y'all?

We're calling it now: Pell, with his down-home attitude and sculpted body, should be the next bachelor.

But onward to Thailand, where monkeys were in the trees and love was in the air. 

Fletcher took her remaining suitors, Jordan Rodgers, Robby Wells and Chase McNary, on individual dates to see the sights and suck each other's faces, the ultimate reward, of course, being a night alone in the fantasy suite. No cameras. No distractions. No  clothing.

Dates went according to plan for the most part; three out of three were offered the key to the overnight slumber party. One, however, didn't live up to expectations.

McNary, for all his honesty and endearing awkwardness, decided he was ready to drop an "L" bomb. And who can blame him? After all, this was his last chance and he thought he was getting laid.  Unfortunately, it didn't go over well — Fletcher left the room flustered and came back a few moments later only to give him a "goodbye" in return.

McNary was rightfully (and hilariously) upset.

"Now 'love' means 'get the [expletive] out?!'" he griped at JoJo.

We feel you little buddy.

So who is left in the running?

There's Wells, the Floridian competitive swimmer whose drama with his ex-girlfriend all but drowned out his reasons for being on The Bachelorette. Not to mention his no-socks-shoe combination suggests fashion sense beyond his sexuality.

And there's Rodgers, the former pro quarterback whose older brother, Aaron Rodgers, just so happens to be a Super Bowl champion. Not to mention, he and Fletcher were rumored to have mingled prior to the show's filming.

Whose pompadour is getting down on one knee? That doesn't matter just yet.

Tuesday night, prepare for a Bad Chad cameo when The Bachelorette double-feature concludes with an ode to all the dudes who didn't win JoJo's heart. The Men Tell All airs at the usual time, 7 p.m. central. The Bachelorette season finale hits ABC next Monday, Aug. 1 at the same time.

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