There were just eight men left in the running to win Dallasite JoJo Fletcher's heart at the beginning of The Bachelorette Monday night, and naturally when you're down to that few boyfriends, things start to get serious.

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Questions start to fly and insecurities manifest. Even Fletcher herself wondered through tears, "Is this even going to work out?" If we're being honest, there's at least a 50/50 chance based on the show's history.

But, wait, where did all the waterworks come from? Let's rewind...

This week the crew is in Bueno Aires, Argentina, because there's no better place to manufacture a relationship than the most romantic place on Earth. Things become awkward straight out of the gate when Wells, the radio DJ from Nashville, gets a long overdue solo date — and then reveals he's the only contestant to not have kissed JoJo yet.

Anyone who ever went to high school could feel for Wells in all his nervousness and anticipation for the right moment, as the couple partook in a performance art piece called Fuerza Bruta. That moment finally came while the couple was sloshing around in a shallow glass pool, and for Wells it cast away his skepticism of the process and signified the beginning of their relationship.

For JoJo, however, it meant the opposite.

"I really do respect how you've come into this ... but there was something that didn't feel 100 percent like I wanted it to," Fletcher said before walking Wells to the door. Ouch!

In fact, crushing men's dreams seemed to be a theme Monday night. Well, that and super intense make out sessions.

During another dreaded two-on-one date, Fletcher took big softie Derek and underdog nice guy Chase to tango lessons. From viewers' vantage point, Derek had it in the bag — the dancing was in sync, the passion was there, those big blue eyes were looking deep into JoJo's soul. And if that weren't enough, Derek even let it slip that he's falling for the bachelorette. 

Even though she had serious reservations, Fletcher picked Chase and Derek went "wah, wah, wah" all the way home.

Speaking of insecurity, sensitive singer-songwriter James Taylor had a rough week. Considering he's the only man left in the house without a six-pack of abs, can you blame him?

"I feel like I snuck onto a set I'm not supposed to be on," he said during the group date.

Even after playing soccer with the locals and being the only guy to win a kiss after nailing a penalty kick, James Taylor still had to throw another contestant under the bus to get noticed. The contestant being the easy target Jordan Rodgers, who has consistently had to defend his claims about cheating and acting entitled.

Normally that spells bad news for the tattle-tale, but Monday night was different. JoJo was so distraught over having to whittle down the top five, she didn't. Instead she offered roses to six men: Luke, the sexy country boy; Chase, the nice guy; Jordan, the hunky athlete; Alex, the fun-sized marine; Robby, the way-too-clean-cut swimmer; and James Taylor, the musician.

Next week is the final round before Fletcher visits the men's hometowns, which means intensity all around. See you next Monday at 7 p.m.!

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