A paneer and poblano taco (front) and a paneer and poblano quesadilla at Trompo

A paneer and poblano taco (front) and a paneer and poblano quesadilla at Trompo

Ann Pinson

Dallasites go to taco joint Trompo for two things -- the tacos or the quesadillas -- admittedly, because that's about all the restaurant offers. But come next year, patrons will also be able to order beer and wine, and even be able to enjoy them on a patio.

Crews are currently working to open a second Trompo location and it's not far from the first. The new taqueria will be located at 213 West Eighth St. in Oak Cliff, about three miles from the original on Singleton Boulevard. Co-owner Luis Olvera confirmed the news, which was first reported by Central Track.

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Trompo grabbed headlines earlier this year when it was named among the top 50 new restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit. The decision to open a second restaurant, however, was more about inviting diners to sit and stay a while as they nosh on what the magazine called "some of the best tacos we've had all year." (We're not disagreeing.)

"We leased [the space on Singleton Boulevard] as a restaurant, fully furnished, but at the end of the day when we pulled permits, we found out it was take-out only," Olvera said by phone Tuesday. "That's why we don't have more seating."

The new location will be called Trompo 42, and it will be a joint venture between the taqueria and a new-to-town business called 42 Wine Company. The majority of the details are still in the works, Olvera says, but one thing he doesn't plan to do is change the menu.

"If anything, we might add some stuff for like the brunch or earlier crowd, but that's not set yet," he says.

Trompo 42 is expected to open in spring 2017.

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