No matter your age, Lego is cool. And sure, anybody can follow instructions to make an awesome model of an X-Wing or the White House, but true masters of the art can create awesome stuff from scratch.

A lot of cool, creative stuff will be on display at the BrickUniverse convention this year (and we saw some cool stuff last year, too), but four models in particular will be of interest to those of us who live -- or have lived -- in Dallas: Iconic Dallas-area landmarks.

Seriously, I have trouble building a bland, cube house when I don't have instructions to work from. There's no way I would be clever enough to create the round top of AT&T Stadium.

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Check out some of the great photos below, along with information about how many bricks were used in each creation. If you want to get closer to the real things, head to BrickUniverse this weekend.

Be sure to click through the galleries below to see more detailed shots of each model.

AT&T Stadium

Built by local artist Lia Chan

Number of bricks used: 3,500

Time it took to build: 70 hours

Dallas City Hall

By local artist Lia Chan

Number of bricks used: 1,800

Time it took to build: 50 hours

Fountain Place

By Rocco Buttliere

Number of bricks used: 4,200

Quote from the artist: "My fiftieth model, and one of the most geometrically complex skyscrapers I have ever modeled. I.M. Pei is one of my favorite architects, so it was great to finally get the chance to model one of his works at my scale (1:650)."

Chase Tower

By Rocco Buttliere

Number of bricks used: 3,500

Scale: 1:650

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