This weekend the Lego fan convention BrickUniverse is taking over the Irving Convention Center.  Lego fans of all ages can go there to learn, be inspired, have some friendly competition, make new friends and more.

Fellow GuideLive writer Sarah Blaskovich and I couldn't wait, so we grabbed a camera and went to the convention the day before it opened. While there we learned about some very impressive Lego creations, built an awesome house (if I do say so myself), had a building competition with a couple of builders who were far more skilled than us and had our some Lego-ified caricatures done.

You can check out the video above for all of that, or go to the event yourself this weekend, Nov. 14-15.

If you want to know more about one of the people behind it, you can read our interview with 15 year-old college student Greyson Beights, who started the convention and brought it to Dallas. He also wrote a book that tells Medieval history with the help of Lego scenes. "I wanted others to be inspired, as I have been, through Lego," he told me. He'll be signing copies of the book this weekend.

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