Texas State boys bring all the moms to the yard, according to this viral tweet

Updated at 3:05 p.m.: Revised to include comment from the student's viral mom.

Football season may still be weeks away, but the Texas State University Bobcats team is already being talked about -- and not for its division prospects.

Incoming freshman Avery Leilani had just been dropped off for orientation when her mom one-upped her by befriending some of the school's football players. Because the pictures of her mom with four shirtless dudes was too good not to share, Leilani posted the images to Twitter, where they almost instantly went viral.

Mom Danielle Clay from Pearland said her internet fame started with a challenge given to parents at Texas State freshman orientation: Who can take the best selfie? The winner would get a scholarship for their child. The challenge took place near the stadium while athletes were practicing. While others were taking selfies from afar, Clay walked up to the players.

"I just walked out there and asked them if they'd take a picture with me," Clay said. "They were great sports," she added.

Clay never expected the photos to go viral, but how can you not love a feline family photo? One cougar and four Bobcats:

The winners of the selfie challenge haven't been announced yet, but if the internet were the judge, there's no doubt she'd win.

Apparently, Leilani's mom wasn't the only getting a piece of the hunky action.

Others chimed in on Twitter with pictures of their moms enjoying the view from Texas State's football field.

Several users joked about transferring schools.

Leilani told GuideLive via Twitter that her socialite of a mom has yet to introduce the freshman to her new football friends. But we bet Clay will be on the sidelines all fall long.

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