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Crazy celebrations after a touchdown might still be risky, but flossing in your Dallas Cowboys jersey after your squad wins a Battle Royale match? That's always OK.

Fortnite, the blockbuster video game making money hand over fist (despite being free to download and play) will start selling cosmetic in-game NFL items on Friday, Nov. 9. (At 6 p.m. central time, if you need to be specific.) This includes jerseys and helmets modeled after all 32 NFL teams as well as football-themed emotes, gliders, pickaxes and a referee outfit.

You won't be locked into repping any specific player, either. Once you own the NFL team team outfit, you can choose both a team and a number to display as you're playing. So if you want to be #4 one day and #21 the next, nobody is going to stop you.

While the Fortnite shop isn't packed with promotional items like this (not yet, anyway), this isn't the first high-profile crossover for the game. Earlier this year, Marvel villain Thanos was temporarily made a key element of a unique game mode to celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War

Not sure what all the Fortnite hubhub is about? We can explain it to you.

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