Former id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead joins Dallas indie developer Nerve Software

Nerve Software, an independent video game company in Dallas, just hired a big name as its business manager: Todd Hollenshead.

VentureBeat reports that Hollenshead will serve as "the top business guy alongside Nerve founder Brandon James." Hollenshead will focus on partnerships and company growth while James will take charge of more of the creative development.

Nerve has been around since 2001, working primarily as a contractor on games like Call of Duty and Wolfenstein. They have a history of working with other Dallas-based developers, including Gearbox Software in Frisco and Playful Corp. in McKinney.

In 2015, Nerve released its first fully-independent game: Burnstar. Since then, they have been mostly radio silent on their social media accounts, but VentureBeat says that they are working on a version of Burnstar for the Nintendo Switch as well as a virtual reality game called An Eternity on Pine Bluff Lane.

Hollenshead is recognizable as one of the more prominent figures of id Software (where he was president and CEO), the Dallas-area developer behind games such as Doom and Quake. If you didn't know his name, long-time attendees to D-FW's annual gaming party QuakeCon might recognize his face (and long hair) as the host for various stage events. He left id in 2013, but not before negotiating the sale of the developer to Bethesda Softworks in 2009.

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