Update: The press conference is over. As of this writing, EA's stream is currently showing gameplay of Battlefield 1 (featuring Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron, for some reason?). But you should be able to rewind the video player below and see everything from the beginning.

In addition to Battlefield, you'll get a glimpse of FIFA 17 (which has a surprisingly robust story mode), Titanfall 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, some brief glimpses of Star Wars games and more.

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Original story: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) doesn't officially kick off until June 14, but the video game news train has been picking up steam for several days already. The first major spectacle, though, will happen this afternoon as EA takes the stage for their annual E3 press conference.

The event will start at 3 p.m. central time, and you can watch it live in the video player below.

What can you expect to see? Well, the staples of this particular press conference are usually new games from EA Sports, including the latest in the Madden, NHL and FIFA franchises. If there's anything new coming up for The Sims series, you can also expect to see that here.

But more entrenched gamers will be anxiously awaiting the first real look (we hope) at Mass Effect: Andromeda, the first game in the blockbuster sci-fi RPG series being developed for the latest video game consoles. We can also expect a good look at Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

The bigger question mark will be EA's many Star Wars games in development, but now would be a great time to show off one of those, and maybe give an updated on what's next for Battlefront

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