It's almost time for the Super Bowl. Also, the release date for the new Doom game was just announced. So Conan O'Brien took those two unrelated things and mashed them together for one of his usually-great "Clueless Gamer" segments.

Id Software's new ultra-violent 'Doom' will be released in May

Conan led the Denver Broncos' Von Miller, the Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman and surprise third football guest Marshawn Lynch into a hotel room to play Doom. The game, developed by Richardson-based Id Software, is notable for it's brutally violent action -- something Conan makes sure to acknowledge through facial expressions.

(Lynch was involved in last year's "Super Bowl Edition" of Clueless Gamer, where they played Mortal Kombat X with Rob Gronkowski.)

If you're hoping for a good in-depth look at Doom's single-player mode, you'll be disappointed. Surprisingly little of the segment is actually devoted to seeing the game on-screen. In fact, there's a long break in the middle for everybody to have a glass of wine. Seriously.

But even without a ton of new Doom footage to salivate over, the video is worth a watch. Von Miller in particular is funnier than I would have expected him to be.

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