Kathleen Kent, author of "The Dime."

Kathleen Kent, author of "The Dime."

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Dallas author Kathleen Kent can add one more thing to her resume with the announcement that her Dallas-set book The Dime " will be turned into a TV series.

Matt Reeves, who wrote and directed War for the Planet of the Apes and is the writer and director of the upcoming Batman, will be the executive producer on the police drama. Fox has ordered the script, which will be written by Hell on Wheels creators Tony Gayton and Joe Gayton.

For TV watchers, Reeves' name will be familiar because of his role in co-creating Felicity.

Kent, a New York Times best-selling author, wrote about her book and its Dallas roots on her website, kathleenkent.com: "I knew that someday I'd want to write about this city of contradictions. The heroine of my new contemporary crime novel, The Dime, was developed in part from my personal experiences with members of my family who are in law enforcement, and my growing admiration for the female police officers who are forced to confront 'the way things are done in the South'."

Kent's other books include her acclaimed first novel, The Heretic's Daughter. The "thrilled" author shared the news via her Facebook page on Tuesday, writing that she had "been sitting on this announcement for months."

The setting of The Dime raises a specter of hope that the production will be set in Dallas, too. But it's way too early for that kind of speculation.  Right?

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