Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza

Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza

Benedicte Desrus/USA Network

We already know that Queen of the South, which was shot in Dallas, is capable of creating traffic around the city. We also know that it will premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival next month. But maybe you want to see what the show actually looks like?

According to the time stamp, USA actually uploaded the first trailer for Queen of the South back in January, so ... whoops. We probably should have shared it with you sooner. That's on us. But here it is now, better late than never.

If you're looking for locations that are distinctly Dallas, well ... maybe don't bother. The street in an oh-so-brief car chase clip may be recognizable, but I might also just be going crazy. Most of the trailer doesn't show a Dallas too familiar to me. But then, I also don't tend to associate with drug runners and crime lords, so ... your mileage may vary, I guess?

Queen of the South is based on the best-selling novel La Reina Del Sur by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. If that sounds familiar, then you may have caught the Spanish-language telenovela adaptation that has already aired on Telemundo.

We'll have more info on the show (including a report from the set here in town) in the future.

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