Why Dallas and Fort Worth do not get the same Girl Scout cookies

You can't go wrong with Girl Scout cookies. Or can you? Queue the ominous music and your sense of foreboding because the LA Times reports that Thin Mints -- and five other famed Girl Scout flavors -- are not created equally.

According to their report, the fundraiser for building up future girl-power gurus is supplied by two bakeries, and the dark chocolate detailed, coconutty Samoas you get in Dallas are not quite the same as Fort Worth's cake-ier, vanilla-hinted Caramel deLites.

[UPDATE: The folks at Central Track point out that the LA Times didn't actually break this cookie news; they did their own comparison.]

Most of North Texas, including Dallas, falls under Little Brownie Bakers' distribution. Cities in the western edges of the Metroplex, like Fort Worth, receive offerings from ABC Bakers.

The two bakeries' lines are essentially the same with subtle differences. For example, the Do-si-dos you munch in Lakewood are buttery, whereas the Peanut Butter Sandwiches you may find on Magnolia Street are crisp and, ironically, slightly less peanutty.

One definite divergence arises, however, when it comes to Lemonades versus Savannah Smiles. The former features a shortbread base with lemon icing while the latter is smaller, crisper, and dusted with powdered sugar.

GuideLive recently compared those and the S'mores cookies side-by-side, and whoa are they different:

We knew Big D and Cowtown had their differences. We had no idea how deeply they truly ran.

Want to know where your city falls along the great divide? Check out this infographic. Someone out there has an intimate knowledge of both lines, and we're guessing no small amount of disagreement exists on the topic of which reigns supreme. Presumably, an underground cookie trafficking ring already exists along I-30 W.

H/t Central Track, LA Times

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