Wizarding Science Sleepover

Janet Rodriguez and her daughter check out an exhibit at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Vernon Bryant/Staff Photographer

Wizarding Science Sleepover at

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Local millennials grew up believing a 'Night at the Museum' was merely a beloved book (and later movie), but kids these days know it’s a recurring reality at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Pack sleeping bags and pajamas for an overnight stay that includes open exploration of exhibits, a 3-D film, snacks and even a dance party just before lights out at midnight. This edition’s theme includes an interactive science show that, through experiments and demonstrations, reveals magicians’ secrets about crystal balls, potions, optical illusions and parlor tricks.

The Perot Museum reveals all the magicians' secrets in this interactive night of science experiments, demonstrations and learning. From crystal balls and potions to optical illusions and parlor tricks, participants will come out not only with magical abilities, but also some science know-how.

The all-night event includes a dance party, movie, snacks and more. Reservations required.

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