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People attend Emo Nite Dallas at RBC in Deep Ellum.

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Wipe the tears from your eyes: Vans Warped Tour might have ollied out of Dallas one final time in July, but that doesn’t mean skater punk, emotional hardcore or whatever phrase you use to describe the indescribable genre that captivated a subculture of kids in the 2000s is dead. Emo has enjoyed — can it enjoy? — a resurgence in recent years, bolstered by Emo Nites across the country. These aren’t concerts, always, though they sometimes involve live music. More often, you’ll find DJs playing nostalgic hits from bands like Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and New Found Glory for fans who never grew out of their angsty teen attitudes ... and never will, Dad.

The nostalgic music night has moved into 2513 Deep Ellum (formerly the Door).

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