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Sushi Scottish Salmon pressed roll by Naan Sushi in Plano.

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Have you ever rolled sushi before? I have. It's hard. It's also fun. Because once you get all those beautiful ingredients laid inside a veritable burrito of rice and seaweed, you have to roll it up in a way that is basically impossible for first timers. (And, OK: I shouldn't be allowed to explain how to roll sushi because I clearly wasn't good at it.) There's a chance you will be good at it. There's a better chance that even if you're not, you'll have fun trying.

Learn about the fine art of Japanese sushi at Naan's Sushi University. Chef Paul None will lead the "class" which includes tips on ordering, preparing and eating sushi, and how to pair sake with the food. Appetizers and tastes are included. Sushi University graduates who stay for dinner after class will enjoy a 15% discount. RSVP is required. Email

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