Midnight Madness: Soylent Green

Left to right, Daniel Alvarez, Kaitlin King and Ray Pacheco watch a midnight showing of "The Room" at the Inwood Theatre August 28, 2010.

Courtney Perry/The Dallas Morning News

Midnight Madness: Soylent Green at

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Soylent Green is a landmark science-fiction thriller as well as a cautionary tale that holds a mirror to a tomorrow rife with ecological disaster. Following the original Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man, action titan Charlton Heston portrays Thorn, a detective prowling the dank streets of a polluted, overpopulated Big Apple gone rotten in 2022. He's trailing the killer of a big company CEO—and the trail leads to a stunning discovery. Vividly realized, Soylent Green's world gains its power not just from its special effects but from its heart—a human dimension magnified by the performance of legendary Edward G. Robinson in his moving screen farewell.
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