Ray Wylie Hubbard

Ray Wylie Hubbard performs on the outdoor stage during Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth.

Jeff Lautenberger/The Dallas Morning News

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The delightful description below (submitted by the artist) covers more than 50 years of Ray Wylie Hubbard-dom, but it fast-forwards through one of our favorite facts: Hubbard grew up in Oak Cliff, whiling away his teen years at W.H. Adamson with fellow folkie-prog country legend Michael Martin Murphey. Everybody from Austin to Red River, NM, wants to claim him, and us, too: We call this Kessler show a homecoming for a hometown boy.

From his humble beginnings as an Oklahoma folkie in the ’60s to his wild ride through the ’70s progressive country movement, and onward through the honky-tonk fog of the ’80s to his sobriety-empowered comeback as a songwriter’s songwriter in the ’90s, Hubbard was already a bona fide legend by the time he really found his groove right at the turn of the century.
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