S.H.E. Super Hero Experience Self Defense Event

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S.H.E. Super Hero Experience Self Defense Event at

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Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense hosts Dallas’ first S.H.E. – Super Hero Experience – where women learn physical and mental empowerment all while dressed in superhero or warrior inspired attire.

Michelle Manu, MMA Color Commentator, Black Belt in Kaihewalu Lua and instructor from Los Angeles, Calif., will share self-defense methods derived from the ancient hand-to-hand and ground combat war art called Hawaiian Lua. This combat art was concealed in the hula dance as a secret defense. Manu trains women to identify their ‘super’ savage inner and outward strengths, similar to pop culture superhero portrayals, through the S.H.E. workshop.

Attending women are encouraged to dress in warrior- or superhero-inspired attire where they will learn techniques to escape a chokehold, a hair grab, a shirt grab, a wrist grab and defend themselves against a knife, handgun, hammer, zip tie, crowbar and other threatening scenarios.

Two free simultaneous kid's activities are offered during the S.H.E workshop. Kid's ages 4-6 can join a karate and stranger danger workshop led by Shihan Rollend Nery in State Room 1. Kids age 7 and up can participate in a Haka lesson and dance party led by Professor Aiau Koa in Houston Ballroom B.

The S.H.E., Super Hero Experience, is one of many martial arts programs offered within the Gathering of Eagles (GOE) and International Hall of Fame (IHOF) event which is in its 10th year but a first for Dallas. Hosted by 35-year-old Dallas based Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense, the 3-day GOE offers a chance to attend the International Hall of Fame dinner and train with martial arts masters from across the globe and even receive a culturally proper tattoo. The occasion is expected to attract more than 500 martial arts novices and enthusiasts and will highlight the Hawaiian influence on the martial arts.

S.H.E. cost is $75 or included in the GOE 3-Day ticket cost of $275, pre-registration discounts available. Register: 214-351-5367, info@dallaskenpo.com.

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