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There are few things more sacred in life than points of origin. The point from where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives begin holds potent ability to echo and endure through generations and to shape how people and cultures both speak and act.

How a person thinks and interacts with the world is the essence of living and the result of a starting point.

Origin is an Art House Dallas program crafted to establish a wholeness and connectedness between art and faith with the ultimate intent to establish a sacred perspective in how the individual responds creatively. We believe that God, as the original and ultimate Creator, made mankind after His own image, endowed us with the faculties to think and create, and calls us to be like him in our participation of cultivating goodness, truth, and beauty.

Origin is comprised of a series of monthly luncheons featuring presentations and facilitated discussions directed by Art House Dallas leaders. Beyond the Origin monthly gatherings, Art House Dallas will offer one-on-one mentoring and discipleship sessions focused to help individuals delve deeper into the conversation on the relationship between art and faith.

The presentation includes a boxed for $12 or free if you bring your own lunch.
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