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Kristen Lee as "Girlfriend," left, Laura Jorgensen as "Mother," center, and Brandon J. Murphy as "Calvin," right, are pictured in a scene during a dress rehearsal performance of "Really," performed at the Undermain Theatre in Dallas.

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In the affecting Dallas premiere of 'Really,' a 2016 off-off Broadway play by Jackie Sibblies Drury, we meet a nervous, talkative older woman (Laura Jorgensen) who goes to get her picture taken by a younger one (Kristen Lee), a photographer who can barely get any words out, while a man they both know, Calvin (Brandon J. Murphy), flits in and out of scenes. Words serve as the jumping-off point for performances that unleash waves of loss, longing, guilt and sudden, sardonic humor. Robert Winn’s detailed, loftlike set, with camera equipment, serves as a reminder of this play’s focus on the way we try to control the picture of what we see — asking people in our lives to take this or that pose, which can be painful when it’s unnatural to them.

Undermain returns to the work of award winning playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury, whose provocative and exciting play We Are Proud to Present a Presentation… was staged in its 30th season. In Ms. Drury’s latest play, Really, three people’s lives intertwine, through the art of photography as they search for the truth of their common history in this tense and telling play about artists, legacy, and the ephemeral nature of time. Really asks what do we try to leave behind, what do we actually leave behind, and how do we deal with being left.
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