A Moment in the Life of Willa Dee Arvis

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A Moment in the Life of Willa Dee Arvis at

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Dallas, summer 1942: Two seemingly ordinary women, Willa Dee and her cousin Emily await the mail. National Geographic is doing a pictorial about American enlisted men training in the Bahamas, and they've gotten word that their husbands are featured in the photos. The arrival of the magazine and the viewing of the photographs open up a Pandora's tinder box of memories, revelations and family secrets. As they reminisce, a mystery begins to unfold about a fateful evening. Willa Dee and Emily each possess different information about the events of what actually transpired. The arrival of family friend Euel, who holds the key to the mystery, sets ablaze their emotions which forever alters the course of each of their lives. Touching, bitingly funny, and ultimately tragic, this play will move you and at the same time comfort you as you discover how each life, regardless of how mundane, is special. The story is inspired form an obituary published in The Dallas Morning News.

The play runs March 30 through April 23, 2017 and will be presented in the Stone Cottage Theatre, Addison Conference and Theatre Center.

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