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Formed back in 1983, the Cult mined just the right influences to engage a surprising array of metal heads, punks and alt-rockers. Led by singer Ian Astbury, this British foursome channeled the Doors by way of AC/DC and made it all sound like something incredibly new. Songs like “She Sells Sanctuary,” “Love Removal Machine” and “Fire Woman” were riff-heavy odes to that owed as much to Steppenwolf as anything truly original, but they sure sounded great coming out of a car radio. The Cult has imploded and gotten back together several times over the past four decades, but this current incarnation (featuring Astbury and original rhythm guitarist Billy Duffy) is about the best fans can expect. And the most recent release, Hidden City, isn’t too shabby, either, with its collection of power chords and shout-along choruses.

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