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Neil Diamond performs at American Airlines Center.

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Neil Diamond is calling this year’s road trip his “50 Year Anniversary World Tour,” although, in reality, it’s been 51 years since his first solo hit as a performer: 1966’s “Solitary Man.” Diamond gets an F in math, but he’s always scored As as a songwriter, which is how he started his career more than 55 years ago. Lacking a new album to promote, he’ll devote the whole show to his classics -- sunny hits like "Sweet Caroline," "Cherry, Cherry" and "I'm a Believer” as well as brooding gems like “Solitary Man” and “I Am… I Said.” At 76, Diamond still has plenty of oomph left in his voice, but if it ever does falter, no worries. He’ll have more than 10,000 backup singers helping him out on every lyric and refrain.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Member, Neil Diamond, will celebrate his unparalleled career with The 50 Year Anniversary World Tour.

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