Second Thought Theatre: Straight White Men

Thomas Ward, Drew Wall, Brandon Potter and Bradley Campbell perform in 'Straight White Men' for Second Thought Theatre.

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Second Thought Theatre: Straight White Men at

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Two brothers and a father pressure a third brother, Matt (Thomas Ward), to live up to his “potential” in Young Jean Lee’s 2014 off-Broadway play at Second Thought Theatre. But what does it mean to live up to one’s potential? Are straight white men “losers” if they aren’t leaders of their domain? Matt makes a case for living at home with his dad and doing temp work while he slowly pays off his student loans. Christie Vela’s direction puts a turbocharged spin on the macho clashes between Brandon Potter’s Jake and Drew Wall’s Drew. In a way, the show is a reminder that love doesn't always require “fixing” others. Sometimes the best expression of love is love.

Second Thought Theatre presents Young Jean Lee’s dynamic play about 3 middle-aged brothers and their widowed father, a funny and compassionate examination of what it means to be straight, white and male in the 21st century.

Pay What You Can Performances on April 12, 13, 17, 24 & May 1.
Tickets are $25; $15 student tickets sold at the door if available.

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