Urban Taco unveiled its new mural during its Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5. 

Urban Taco unveiled its new mural during its Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5. 

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We already knew Dallas loves tacos. First comes queso, then comes pico, then comes guac in its own little tortilla carriage. Austin and San Antonio also share this love, and the devotion is contentious. Which city is the breakfast taco's real love and which is merely its side chick? We'll stay out of that one. 

Why Austin’s breakfast taco feud is a form of microaggression

One thing Dallas is not staying out of? Taking a cue from San Antonio's "I love tacos so much" selfie wall. Urban Taco in Uptown Dallas unveiled a new piece of street art during its Cinco de Mayo celebration this week. It replicates social-media-famous graffiti near San Antonio's Pearl Brewery, which is, itself, a gentle stab at Austin's iconic "I love you so much" mural on Congress Avenue. 

The original "I love tacos so much" wall was created by Luis Muñoz, who told My San Antonio in December that he was "adding fuel to the fire ... definitely" when it comes to the Austin-San Antonio taco scuffle. His social media announcement reportedly received more than 2,000 Facebook shares before the paint even dried. It's unclear if Muñoz was involved in Dallas' version; we reached out to Urban Taco's parent company to find out. Updated 5/9/15: Urban Taco founder Markus Pineyro confirms it is Muñoz behind our version; he headed up to Dallas to complete it on May 4. 

The local wall also features a feel-good element. 

The restaurant will donate $1 to the Ronald McDonald House for every photo posted on Instagram with the hashtags #ilovetacossomuchdallas and #urbantaco.

The beautiful people of McKinney Avenue have already begun declaring love: 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 😘💕 #tacosaremyonlylove #cincodemayo #dallas #uptown #urbantaco

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