Find your zen: Plano named one of America's least stressed cities

Ready to relax? Head to Plano. Really: The Dallas suburb scored in the bottom five (second to last, actually) on WalletHub's recent study of most stressed cities.

Read: Plano is almost the least stressed city out of the country’s 150 most populous cities.

Bested only by Fremont, California, for least-stressed, Plano can attribute its blissed-out state to several key metrics it scored particularly low on. Or high, depending on how you look at it. The phrasing of the study can feel a bit twisted.

The study looked at 30 metrics in four categories of stress: work, financial, family, and health and safety. Family stress metrics were weighted the highest, each one accounting for 5 points out of each city’s total score of 100, while health and safety metrics carried the lowest weight, at 2.08 points each.

Plano scored in the bottom five -- a positive thing, in this case -- on metrics including median income (meaning it had one of the highest median incomes), poverty rate (that makes sense) and job security.

It's hard to be stressed when you're eating good food on a rooftop, like at Urban Crust in downtown Plano.

In the family and health realms, Plano also performed particularly well on divorce rate, share of adult smokers and mental health.

Of course, that prosperity doesn’t come without a price: Plano scored in the top five (meaning, higher stress) in just one category: average hours worked per week, clocking in at 40.5.

Steve Stoler, Plano's director of media relations, points to the city's abundant parks and recreation offerings as well as a strong sense of safety as factors in the city's low stress levels. The study corroborates: Plano scored in the top 15 for low crime rate.

"I think when you have a perception of living in a place that’s safe, that helps right off the top of having a sense of security, so I think that plays into stress," Stoler says.

Plenty of other Texas cities were scattered throughout the list, including Dallas, which ranked at No. 71 overall. Dallas did particularly well in job security, ranking in the bottom 10, meaning less stress.

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