More about the most ginormous homecoming mum we've seen this football season in Texas

That's not a homecoming mum ... that's a shield. So started the conversation between my coworkers about what we're calling the largest homecoming mum we've seen this football season in Texas. Senior Brooke Boyd, who lives in Justin and goes to Northwest High School, wins.

Here's a pretty cool part of Boyd's story: Boyd gifted herself the mum, in part. She split the cost 50/50 with her boyfriend Lacon Cooper.

If you don't know what a homecoming mum is, take a moment and read this explainer. Onward.

You need to know more about this mum. We need to know more about this mum. So we chatted with Boyd about it:

Brooke Boyd's homecoming mum, which was bought in conjunction with boyfriend Lacon Cooper, LIGHTS UP, y'all.

How big is it? 3 and a half feet wide

How heavy is it? Very. She wore it around her neck, fastened with two giant ribbons. You can't even see her body behind it!

Does it have any literal bells and whistles on it? Heck yes it does. "There was a cow bell on it and lots of small bells with a clapper attached to it as well," Boyd says. It also has battery-operated lights. Yes, it has battery-operated lights!

Is pink your favorite color? "Definitely," she says.

After wearing it around for awhile, did it get annoying, or was it still fun? "It never got annoying at all it was definitely fun," she says.

Gotta ask: How much did it cost? That's a secret. "Lacon and I worked really hard to earn the money," she explains. She works for her mom's business as a cleaner and Lacon works as a supervisor at UPS.

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