By now it's old news: Texans have a tendency to, well, overdo certain rites of passage in hilarious and sometimes baffling ways. Remember the homecoming mumstrocities of high school football season? Well, let us introduce you to their spring-time sister, the "promposal," and a new contest from the Lone Star State's passionately beloved burger joint, Whataburger. One lucky winner will receive a special pre-prom celebration for him or herself and 10 friends. 

Whataburger's prom package includes a limo rental, orange corsages and boutonnieres, a professional photographer and a linen tablecloth dinner at Whataburger.

Updated April 26: Whataburger announced Tuesday via Facebook that Fernando G. from Roma, Texas, and his date Cassie, are the big winners of the 2016 #WhataProm contest. We've put in a line to Whataburger to find out how it went and to see if we can get an inside glimpse at their big night out on the town. 

Until then, here's a look at Fernando's smooth saxophone-filled promposal:

Original post: 

But, how do you win it? 

Ultimate fans in grades 9 through 12 are asked to submit photos or videos of their Whataburger-themed "promposals" via social media, with the hashtag #WhataProm. 

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What do all these made up words mean?

Once upon a time, a passed note with "check yes or no" boxes or the hypnotic purr of a rotary phone was all you needed to set up a hot prom date. But, expectations have changed. In 2016, tingly, sweaty-palmed high school students go all-out on elaborate "promposals," which are kind of like the most cheesy, eye-roll-inducing wedding proposals you can imagine, minus the marriage part. 

Noticing that some kids were already popping the question with a side of juicy, meaty burger to seal the deal, Whataburger did what any social media savvy company do and conjured a way to reward the silly fun while also gaining some good publicity. 

You've got through midnight on April 11 to submit your promposal. 

The winner will be announced later that week.

Need inspiration?

Here are some past favorites and current competitors. Keep in mind, new submissions need to be tagged #WhataProm to be in the running. 

My dedication to Murcia is endless #prom2k14#whataprom #justlikeyoulikeit

A photo posted by mauricio ravines (@mauricio_doe) on

Got myself a hot date for prom by giving her all of my food! @whataburger

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