1. That time our headline juxtaposition was on point.

2. When emus terrorized a Round Rock neighborhood.

3. The World's Largest Honky Tonk sold 3,000 tickets to lure Jack White back to D-FW.

Screengrab from Tilt

4. When we learned how Twitter could get you fired before your first day on the job. 

5. We're still waiting to know if horses can dine in at Taco Bell. 

They could, at a discount, at Western Son Distillery FWIW.

6. In other horse news, they -- and their drunken riders -- got involved in an incredibly slow police chase. 

7. When every kiss begins with koncussion

8. Everything was still bigger here. Including hoverboard crashes

9. Except for Big Tex, who became an astral projection or something. 

10. When the dream of Texas emojis was realized. But, then everyone hated them

11. Not wonderfully Texan: When #onlyintexas was *not* something to be proud of.

When you're dad finally makes you buy your first car #Charlenethejeep #txst

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12: And, when it was: Like when Daniel Fleetwood got to screen The Force Awakens early at his home in Spring. 

Screen shot via WISHTV-Houston via YouTube

13. Or, when two Texas titans teamed up. (And, Willie brought the weed.)

Not to mention his new Gershwin Prize, which you can watch him receive in January. 

Eric Gay/AP

14. The time Texans chose Bourbon Pecan Pie over Bar-B-Que Peach as our state flavor of Ben & Jerry's. 

15. But, TBH that was nothing compared to the ice cream induced insanity upon Blue Bell's return. 

16. And the gospel song one McKinney preacher wrote about it. 

17. Speaking of songs, we re-listened to Stevie Ray Vaughan's on the 25th anniversary of his death and cheered his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 


18. We learned that these Texans can cook 4 tons of meat at one time. 

19. In other deliciousness, Texans loved breakfast tacos 4,000 percent more than the rest of America. 

20. Less appetizing: When unseasonable spring floods caused a massive earthworm blob invasion at Eisenhower State Park. 

21. The floods were bad in a lot of ways, but they did inspire incredibly beautiful photos of the Trinity River. 

22. More waterworks: That time Georgetown's Mayor went to the bathroom ... without turning off his mic. 

23. And, when a rogue dumpster went "A Thousand Miles" through Denton. 

24. A pizza delivery guy battled the Minotaur in Fort Worth. 

25. Homecoming mums were a big massive backbreaking deal, y'all. 

26. And, so were bluebonnet pics. Especially silly ones. 

27. Speaking of bluebonnets, Texans ran an insane, 200-mile relay race through them. 

A-ok for Matthew during his inaugural TIR. (Thanks to Patrick for capturing this moment!)

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28. But, someone preferred joyriding in this stolen monster truck instead.

29. Social media declared one teenaged hottie famous, for a few days. 

30. And, Sam Adams declared a Granbury-brewed beer "damn good." 

31. Surprisingly damn good? The time someone put meaty, Texas brisket in cheesecake. 

32. A guy recited an open mic beat poem about his love for Whataburger. 

33. Other orange-and-white enthusiasts got #fancysketchup portraits made. 

34. (Honorary Texan) Garth Brooks conquered Dallas for 7 days and spent his day off at Six Flags

Six Flags Over Texas

35. The TALONS OF JUSTICE protected Fort Worth from itself. 

And, a very Texan time was had by all.

GuideLive's Tiney Ricciardi, Norma Cavazos, Shannon Sutlief, Amanda Wilkins and Hannah Wise contributed to this Lone Star list. 

H/t: Our Irish spirit animals at The Daily Edge

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