It's the time for the annual Texas rite of passage: taking photos in fields (or, let's be real, small clumps) of bluebonnets. With all due respect to the Pooping on Bluebonnets tumblr, we thought we could do better when it comes to finding amusing bluebonnet photos. 

So without further ado, here are the most random bluebonnet photos we found on the gold mine that is Reddit (Updated on April 3, 2018):

These two dudes who are doing everything right.

Bluebonnet tea party? Why not.

Aw, isn't this sweet?

These are from a whole series titled "Real men like taking bluebonnet pictures."

This guy isn't feeling it.

Nice doge impression, man.

Such a beautiful sight:

Really not sure what's happening here:

Oh look, two more shirtless dudes:

And the rest...

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