9 adorable animals at the State Fair of Texas

Look beyond the thousands of humans who visit the State Fair of Texas and you'll meet hundreds of animals. Here's a look at some of the pigs, cows, zebras and more who lived at the State Fair of Texas in 2017.

Photos by Andy Jacobsohn, Ashley Landis and Smiley N. Pool

Editor's note: This story was originally published in 2017.

These very sleepy piglets

An emu ... who looks ornery

An ostrich ... who looks even ornerier

Boris the Giant Boar, who is too busy to take your call right now

This longhorn and her new baby, hiii!

Two fabulously stylish zebras

Nilgai, which is a type of antelope but we also want to know if they could live at our house and be our best friends please? Also, cool ears.

This elephant who needs to be on your Instagram

Cute, huh?

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