Check out this State Fair of Texas manicure

The State Fair of Texas inspires many things, from gazes of wonder at the spectacle of the thing to cases of indigestion from overindulgence in its fried offerings. But it motivated Stephanie Lara, a 22-year-old Dallas cosmetology student, to create an epic manicure.

"I just wanted to do something for the State Fair since I like going," Lara says.

The nail art says "State Fair of" on one thumb and has a Texas flag on the other. Other fingers get teeny cotton candy, a Ferris wheel at sunset, a corny dog, a pig, a ticket, an ear of corn, a turkey leg and a cowboy hat. What was the hardest part to do?

"I think it was the Ferris wheel, or maybe the one that says state fair," she says. "It would probably be the state fair one because I had to write those tiny letters on my nail."

Yep, those are her nails in the photo. She's right-handed, so the left hand is always the biggest challenge, she says. She first got interested in nail art in eighth grade, so she's had some time to practice.

And the State Fair of Texas took note of her expertise with a post on its social networks.

"I was so happy. I think it was 8 in the morning when I saw it, and I woke up my boyfriend and was like, 'Look!,'" Lara says. "After that I just couldn't go back to sleep."

Here are a few other fun examples of her work:

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