Melissa Tate loves the State Fair of Texas. 

State Fair of Texas superfan re-creates fairgrounds for epic, corny dog-filled wedding

In elementary school, you might have asked, "If she loves it so much, why doesn't she marry it?" While she didn't technically marry the fair, she did get hitched at an epic, State Fair-themed wedding this year. And she is a regular feature in the world of corny dogs  and midway rides, since she tries to go every day that the fair is in town. 

So we asked her to be our eyes on the ground to post her ever-so-useful tips on our Instagram page. We'll keep updating this story throughout the fair so that you can reap the benefits of her wisdom. By the end of the fair, it should be quite the treasure trove. Here's what she's done so far:

The essential Big Tex selfie

Iced tea advice

See the big games

Cheap beer, right here

A chicken surprise

Pedal power

Yes, please

Super sips

Just chill

Stiffler's Mom's Cookie Factory

Score a michelada

Look for Lucky 7

Sunset strolling and selfies

Deep-fried comfort food

Super sandwich

A rooftop hangout

Lone Star on tap, sports on TV

Happy hour

Plate and cup hybrid

Krispy Kreme meets burger

Try the Fat Smooth

So crispy

Keep those coupons

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