XPOGO team member Tone Staubs bounces high in the air during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX Oct. 9, 2016.

XPOGO team member Tone Staubs bounces high in the air during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX Oct. 9, 2016.

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The State Fair of Texas has never been short on head-turning attractions. (Fried Jell-O, anyone?) In addition to musical performances from Maren Morris and Flo Rida, here are other new things you can look forward to when the fair opens in Dallas on Sept. 29.

How to get cheap tickets to the State Fair of Texas

Stiffler's Mom's Cookie Factory

Stifler's mom is hot. So are her cookies.

Rick and Tammy Stiffler are longtime concessionaires at the State Fair or Texas. They currently operate two Stiffler's Sweets stands on the Midway and this year are adding a third: Stiffler's Mom's Cookie Factory. 

The couple is having a mobile bakery custom built for the fair, which includes 12-foot windows on each side so passersby can watch the cookie magic happen. Their setup is going to be huge, Tammy says, pumping out 800 cookies in 11 minutes. Actress Jennifer Coolidge, who played Stifler's mom (with one "f") in American Pie, won't be in the kitchen, but the Stifflers couldn't help but put their surname to use.

"When you're given a name like that and it has the publicity it already has behind it, you're crazy not to use it," Tammy said. 

Stiffler's Mom's Cookie Factory will only be baking chocolate chip cookies, available for purchase by the bucket (about two dozen) or by the bag (a half-dozen).

Extreme sports

You may not be up for extreme sports with a stomach full of fried food, but you can still get a piece of the action. Extreme pogo stick, known as Xpogo, and the Lords of Gravity Slam Dunk Show debuted at the state fair in 2016, but both are new enough you may want to seek them out this year.

You've never heard of extreme pogo stick? Xpogo features performers who flip, spin and do other tricks using the kiddish toy. The fair expects to host at least one show each day of the fair in the Chevrolet Park Plaza. Also happening daily at the same plaza: performances by the Lords of Gravity, Hungary's equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters, who will flip, fly and slam dunk basketballs with acrobatic skill. 

Other new attractions include:

  • "Drawing Power: The Editorial Art of John Knott," an exhibit in the Hall of State featuring work from the namesake cartoonist who worked for The Dallas Morning News
  • World of Magic, a recurring magic show in the Creative Arts Building with performances by award-winning illusionists and a floating robot
  • a new cotton candy stand in the Tower Building that teaches fairgoers how to make the sweet treat
  • an Ikebana exhibit at the Texas Discovery Gardens, which showcases the Japanese art of flower arranging
  • and "Texas in the First World War," a Hall of State exhibit that provides a look into the Lone Star State's role in the World War I

Ready for the State Fair of Texas? Find out how to get cheap tickets here. The fair runs Sept. 29 to Oct. 22 at Fair Park in Dallas.

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