8 fabulous finds -- if you're willing to hunt -- at Salvation Army in Plano and Dallas

One of the best things about Salvation Army is the crazy savings. Two Salvation Army locations, on Avenue K in Plano and on Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas, offer the diversity of fun finds and great prices.

Track shorts

Nike and Adidas, while high-quality, can be pricey. At Salvation Army, many track shorts were available and ready for use. This lovely, mustard yellow pair was only $2.99.

Flannel everywhere!

Thrift stores in general always have the best flannel shirts and you can often find high-quality, designer brands. Normally a Tommy Hilfiger flannel would be $69.99 or more; at the Salvation Army, it's $9.99.

Fancy coats for fancy events

Need a nice coat for a fancy event? The prices of the sport coats ranged from $9.99 to $29.99. The one featured was a mere $9.99 but will serve its purpose of making sure you're the most attractive person in the room. Score!

Hipster band tees

If you're an over-sized band t-shirt junkie like I am, it'd be best to stick to the men's T-shirt section. T-shirts there tend to be more loose and comfortable and there are more options to select from.

Summer lovin'

Tropical shirts are a must for the summer. If you search among the button-ups, you'll probably find a few bright shirts that say "I'm a fun-lovin' dude." They cost about $6.99.

A dress for your big day

If you're getting married but you don't have a dress, don't stress. Salvation Army carries a large selection of wedding dresses. While they may be some of the pricier items in the store, the one shown was $49.99. That's still cheaper than a $5,000 dress you'll only wear once.

Tae Kwon Do go to Salvation Army

Instead of spending 30-something bucks on a new Tae Kwon Do uniform, purchase one at Salvation Army for only $4.99. It's the only one available and it's specifically for Tiger Kicks Martial Arts in Plano, but it's better than paying extra for a new one.

Antique goods for the home

At the Salvation Army on Harry Hines boulevard in Dallas, you can traverse to the back of the store and find an entire wing dedicated to antique home-goods. The selection ranges from garden gnomes to coffee mugs to colorful trash bins and more.

The location on Harry Hines Boulevard is the largest Salvation Army in the D-FW area. There are many other Salvation Army stores in the area; see which one is closest to you. Happy hunting!

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