Mudhen Meat and Greens

A plate of rotisserie style whole chicken marinated in herbs and citrus and side of braided collard greens at Mudhen Meat and Greens in Dallas, Monday, June 27, 2016.

Jae S. Lee/The Dallas Morning News

Mudhen Meat and Greens in Downtown Dallas


900 S. Harwood St.
Dallas, TX 75201

next to The Market building at Dallas Farmers Market
The health-food aesthetic of the restaurant at Dallas Farmers Market seems a bit anachronistic (remember Woody Allen’s “plate of mashed yeast” in Annie Hall?). But Mudhen, which comes to us from Shannon Wynne and partners (the Meddlesome Moth, Lark on the Park, etc.) has its heart in the right place, and vegans, gluten-free diners and other careful diners get the attentive treatment they deserve here. The prices are fair, the spirit is warm, lunch on the patio is lovely, and chef Suki Otsuki has a flair for fish. Full bar. Hours change seasonally. Leslie Brenner/Guide

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