Texas-based reality show 'Los Henrys' is trying hard to be the Mexican-American version of the Kardashians

It's questionable whether the world needs another reality TV show, but this Mexican-American family from Texas is getting in and rivaling the Kardashians.

Hangin' with Los Henrys is a new YouTube series following the blended family of San Antonio-based personal injury lawyer Thomas J. Henry. Yes, the one who threw his kids ridiculous multi-million dollar parties.

The show, which debuted earlier this month, features the Tejano antics of Henry's wife, Azteca, and the struggles of overindulged kids Maya and Thomas Jr. Their abuelita Teresa Crawford, Azteca's mom, lives with the family, too -- very much like a Latino family.

The show has released three episodes, which have all been relatively short -- under 10 minutes each. The beginning of the first season revolves a lot around Thomas' over-the-top birthday party that had a $4 million budget and featured performances from reggaeton artist J Balvin and hip-hop trio Migos.

There are confessionals just like in the Kardashians. Plenty of materialism and drama. The first season takes viewers to San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Los Angeles and Monterrey, Mexico.

The first episode has gotten more than 1 million views as on Monday with new episode releases coming just about every week.

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