Kameron is 'in a bubble' and other news from 'Real Housewives of Dallas' reunion, part I

The term subdued is relative when it comes to the cast of Real Housewives of Dallas, but that's exactly what they seemed Monday night during the first part of the reunion.

There was still plenty to learn, though, from the opening greeting from host (ringmaster?) Andy Cohen to the episode-ending walk-off from LeeAnne Locken. Locken walked off when Cohen introduced Dr. Mark Deuber, Cary Deuber's husband, as a guest.

Some subjects were bound to come up during the course of the episode. And one can be sure that there are many more to come in the second part of the reunion, which will air Monday, Nov. 13, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

What we learned, part I.

Stephanie Hollman's new house is almost finished.

Her husband Travis bought the house at auction for $5 million, much to Stephanie's chagrin. There was a pool in the living room and an aggressive swan out back. Stephanie said it would take about $1.5 million to make it inhabitable for the family. That'll learn him. Stephanie told Andy that she expects the house to be ready in January.

D'Andra Simmons got help for the reunion.

Dee Simmons, the mother we all wish we had, prepped her daughter for her eventual reunion with her cast mates. Mama Dee thought of questions her daughter might encounter on the show. Man, she should have been on one of those couches.

Kameron Westcott is for real.

A viewer questioned whether Kameron's appearance on the show was real or if she was a "performance artist." Let's let Kameron answer this one: "I don't try to take myself too seriously. I live in a bubble." There's still no word on if the bubble is her signature color, pink. Don't fault Cohen; he asked.

Kameron's dog food is doing fine, thank you very much.

Kameron knows full well that dogs are color blind. She says the pink in her brand of dog food, SparkleDog, is for the mommies. She also knows the dog poop will be pink, and "I have no problem with it." So there, Amazon commenter with white couches.

Brandi Redmond's horses live in Dallas.

A big story line this season and last is that Brandi feels she's maligned because she chooses to live in Plano. She wondered aloud if the fact that her horses live in Dallas, "right off of Park Lane," would count toward her being considered part of Dallas society. Girl, if you can afford for your horses to live here ...

Brandi held back during the reunion.

Out of respect for Kameron, Brandi didn't bring the sex toy that she had in Mexico. Brandi chased Kameron around the beach with it and had initially planned to bring it as a set piece.

D'Andra has two trust funds.

Cohen asked if Mama Dee controlled D'Andra's purse strings. D'Andra said that though her mother controlls the business purse strings, she controls her own. D'Andra said she has "an oil and gas trust and the other one" to Andy's question about a trust that wasn't under her control.

Stephanie and Brandi don't feel safe around LeeAnne.

Cary probably doesn't either. Brandi went further, saying that LeeAnne is "downright nasty" and she did not egg on LeeAnne's behavior this season. LeeAnne says she needs to learn how to behave when she's "[angry]."

Five of the six cast members have had their boobs done.

No shade: Give us the money and I'm sure there are some women who would be right behind them. (#justsaying) LeeAnne was extremely upset with Cary because she thought Cary was downgrading her choice of doctor for her nipple surgery. Cary said that sometimes she needs to take off the medical hat and put on her friend one before she speaks.

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