The trailer for 'Real Housewives of Dallas' Season 2 reunion show is on and popping

Most viewers think that The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion will be a little chaotic and the first trailer proves they are correct.

"Next week, the two-part Real Housewives of Dallas reunion begins," intones host Andy Cohen at the beginning of the video.

We have questions.

First: Two parts?

Second: Will there be drama?

It's a resounding yes to both. If this is just the trailer, maybe we should all be a little afraid to watch in real time. (Another question: Are those pants that D'Andra is wearing?)

Just in this clip, there is name-calling, back-stabbing and tracking, tears, love and visible disappointment. And there's sure to be a moment that can be added to the 10 craziest things that happened this season.

They all look great, of course, from head to toe. But there's tension in those faces, my friends. Because they are not done; there has been a continuing war of words on Twitter that's bordering on the ridiculous.

Back to the trailer: What just happened?! LeeAnne Locken walks off the set, saying, "Don't worry, Mark. You're saved."

The reunion will air Monday, Nov. 6, at 9 p.m.

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