All he does is win.

It was only a matter of time before Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski ran another type of route on prime-time network TV.

The New England Patriots tight end, who just admitted that sometimes he's "scared" of his QB Tom Brady, wasn't at all afraid to pitch a new idea to the folks at Shark Tank. And that included Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner Mark Cuban and guest investor (and former pro baseball player) Alex Rodriguez. 

"Gronk" and his brothers, including Chris Gronkowski of Colleyville, presented an insulated sports bottle called the Ice Shaker. That's what they presented, a water bottle. Full stop. And then they played the cast in flip cup, in what I suppose was a diversionary tactic.

They won. Both times. As Gronks do. (Don't believe me. Just check out the "official website of The Gronkowski Brothers" at

The brothers, with creator Chris in the lead position, had four investors trying to get a piece of their business. They ended up making a deal with Cuban and A-Rod, with the Sharks getting 15 percent.

Gronkowski is no stranger to television antics. He has a couple of hosting gigs, including his goofy gig for Crashletes on Nickelodeon. 

Gronk presents epic fails from all types of athletes and even has a recurring feature: "Gronk's Top 5 Fails." 

But it's his other gig, as a judge on MVP: Most Valuable Partner that might have prepped him the most. He and other superstar athletes listen to business pitches on the go90 show before deciding to move on them. Or not.

Shark Tank airs Sunday nights on ABC and Mondays on CNBC.

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