'Little Women: Dallas' star Tiffani Chance says she's living her dream

Tiffani Chance is living the dream.

At least that's what the star of Little Women: Dallas told Youngstown, Ohio, NBC affiliate WFMJ in a story posted Monday.

"I have dreamed of this ever since I was a little kid and now my dream is in reality," she told weekend anchor Caroline Collins. "I'm living it."

The Lifetime reality TV show just finished the second half of its first season. Other stars of the show include Asta Young, Bri Barlup, Emily Fernandez, Amanda Loy and Caylea Woodbury.

Chance's dream has had some nightmare spots: fighting with BFF (?) and former housemate Woodbury; putting her boyfriend Austin, also from Ohio, out of the house; and a breast cancer scare. All in front of the cameras.

The Ohio native, who graduated from Canfield (Ohio) High School in 2013, also offered the station the best summation yet of the Little Women ("Little Housewives"?) franchise. Lifetime is rife with the shows, with iterations for Dallas, Atlanta, LA and New York and other offshoots Little Weddings, Little Women: Atlanta: Monie Gets and Terra's Little Family.

"It's basically like a Real Housewives but Little Women," Chance told the station.

So say we all.

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