Vanilla Ice and partner Witney Carson

Vanilla Ice and partner Witney Carson


Well, the final Texan left on Dancing With the Stars has hung up his shoes.

Vanilla Ice can now claim the title of Best Texan and get back to the "I Love the '90s" tour full-time. Former Governor Rick Perry was bounced from the show in Week 3.

But a strange thing happened on the way to elimination. We became fans.

And, from the looks of social media, we're not the only ones.

#TeamIceNSpice we out ✌🏼️ love you @vanillaiceofficial #Ninjaforlife

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His aw-shucks demeanor, far from the braggadocio when he first entered the pop-culture lexicon, was endearing. And the fact that he embraced his fish-out-of water status endeared him even more. He didn't bother hiding what he didn't know, even failing to pronounce "paso doble" correctly and asking for help at every turn. 

It was in episode 1 that he grabbed our hearts. It was the moment he performed to "Ice Ice Baby" and put us square in his world. 

It reminded us of when he was as cool as we thought he was.

"Will it ever stop," he rapped. Yes. And now he's gone, gone, gone ...

As the song says: "Memories, may be beautiful and yet/what's too painful to remember/we simply choose to forget." Forget that: I'm not going to let you unsee this. 

Let's stroll down the ways he made us remember why we were fans in the first place.

You always remember the first dance. He chose to cha cha to his own theme song. And he didn't even know what he was dancing for, the Mirror Ball trophy.

We'll miss his everyman approach to the competition, even down to mispronouncing almost every form of ballroom dance. "Paso blow-blay," anyone?

He made some good friends, including and especially Ryan Lochte and Maureen McCormick. He was their biggest cheerleader.

And he and Perry are now just a couple of bros from Texas.

Vanilla Ice was tired. Before the fourth episode, he performed five shows in five nights before flying back just in time for his quickstep Cirque du Soleil performance.

But his fans sent him energy, as only they can.

He was gracious in saying goodbye on the show and on social media (even including a tip as to where to find him next).

And our last, but certainly not least, reason: A foxtrotting Vanilla Ice as Al Bundy, a mash-up of epic proportions. You can't hate on that.

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