The Real Housewives of Dallas claim to have Texas-sized egos, attitudes and bank accounts, but where exactly do they put them to work? 

We're watching each episode on Bravo to see where LeeAnne Locken, Tiffany Hendra, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber actually  hang out. 

Will a Dallas restaurant see a New Jersey-style table flip? Will one of the housewives follow in Countess LuAnn de Lesseps' footsteps and film a flashy music video around town? 

Every episode has beautiful b-roll of the most notable places in Dallas — there are a lot of shots of the cattle in Pioneer Plaza, the Traveling Man in Deep Ellum and soaring views of downtown Dallas — but we're only keeping track of where major scenes were filmed.

Check back weekly as we track where the housewives scoot their boots in the D-FW area:

Telos Fitness Center

13701 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas

Tiffany and LeeAnne pump some iron and dish on Marie’s betrayal.

Housewives visit in: Episode 10

5411 Melrose Ave.

Aaron and Tiffany look at this townhouse in Vickery Place and fall in love. Aaron decides then and there that it will be best for them if he finds a way to settle down in Dallas instead of jet setting between Dallas and Nashville.

Unfortunately, the couple lost the $720,000 home to a higher bidder.

Housewives visit in: Episode 10


6205 Dallas Pkwy, Plano

Brandi, Bryan and their two girls take to the lanes to throw some strikes.

Bryan makes plans for them to host Brandi’s family for Fourth of July to make amends for his past failures.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Bryan says. “I’m staying here with you guys.”

Housewives visit in: Episode 10

Four Seasons Austin

98 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin

LeeAnne threatens to kill Marie, but why should that stop a trip to the spa?

“I think you were hurt, and I think you said some things that you didn’t mean,” Marie tells LeeAnne as they make amends. “Why is it everytime that you’re hurting, you have to hurt me back?”

Housewives visit in: Episode 9

Bob’s Steak & Chop House

301 Lavaca St., Austin

The most awkward dinner yet begins with Brandi talking about her biggest fear: sharks.

LeeAnne is being quiet and messaging on her phone when Cary stops everything and asks, “Why are we on our phones? Can’t we just talk?”

The flood gates break wide open, and Tiffany lays into the Brandi-Stephanie faction.

“I was hoping this weekend would be a chance to get to know LeeAnne and her friends, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened,” Brandi says.

Housewives visit in: Episode 9

The Mitchell

The Mitchell

1404 Main St., Dallas

Stephanie and Brandi are at the posh downtown Dallas bar to plan a “Great Gatsby” themed birthday party for for Stephanie’s husband.

“The day he was born is a very precious gift that God gave the world and nothing can go wrong,” Stephanie says.

Don’t worry, it went off without a hitch and he loved it.

Housewives visit in: Episode 8

True Food Kitchen

8383 Preston Center Plaza #100, Dallas

LeeAnne and Rich meet up for lunch and talk about LeeAnne’s upcoming keynote speech at the Grace Project Conference for women living with HIV.

“This is my chance to use my voice to make people feel good,” LeeAnne says.

Housewives visit in: Episode 8

The Westin Park Central

12720 Merit Dr.

LeeAnne shares her story at the Grace Project Conference to empower the women who are HIV positive to not define themselves by their diagnosis.

“Tonight is a night for you to change your labels,” LeeAnne tells them as the women join her on the stage. “I just want to see all of you in the light sharing your story.”

Housewives visit in: Episode 8

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar

2929 N Henderson Ave, Dallas

Nothing glues a group back together like grits and sweet tea.

Brandi extended an olive branch to LeeAnne and the two met for lunch to talk out their differences.

Housewives visit in: Episode 8

Whatchamacallit Fashions

14999 Preston Rd, Dallas

Brandi and Stephanie hunt for the perfect glittery gowns for the Gatsby-themed birthday party.

Stephanie opts for sparkles; Brandi goes for feathers — "I've always wanted to be a peacock," she says.

Housewives visit in: Episode 8

Toulouse Café & Bar

Toulouse Cafe and Bar

3314 Knox St., Dallas

Finally someone who can give LeeAnne a run for her money. “It’s Heidi effing Dillon,” Tiffany says in an aside. The three ladies plan their calendars over salads, but not before Heidi whips out gifts for LeeAnne and Tiffany -- bedazzled “#SkanksofDallas” T-shirts.

It is the perfect opportunity for Tiffany to invite Heidi to her upcoming charity event.

“Score Heidi Dillon at your party, and you’ve won,” LeeAnne says. Heidi is happy to attend Tiffany’s event and responds with an invitation to a “goth State Fair of Texas” party at her home.

Housewives visit in: Episode 7

Clothes Circuit

6105 Sherry Lane, Dallas

Tiffany and LeeAnne head to the high-end Park Cities consignment store to find something to wear to the benefit concert Tiffany is hosting.

Housewives visit in: Episode 7

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

3601 Dallas Parkway, Plano

Bryan apologizes for being absent and making Brandi feel alone. “When Bryan apologizes, I know he is being serious,” Brandi says.

Housewives visit in: Episode 7

Lavendou Restaurant

19009 Preston Road, No. 200, Dallas

LeeAnne invites Stephanie to Dallas’ own piece of the South of France for an apology tea.

“I behaved poorly, and I knew I was the one who had to reach out and make it right,” LeeAnne says.

“This apology is more for her than it is for me,” Stephanie says off camera. “LeeAnne is all about herself. She is the most self-obsessed narcissistic person I’ve ever met and it's beyond exhausting.”

Housewives visit in: Episode 7

Select Studio and Salon

3526 Cedar Springs Road,Dallas

A rocker does not straighten his own hair; a rocker hits the salon. Tiffany’s husband, Aaron, needs his hair, including “those side bits,” to be perfect before his show at the House of Blues. Even if he does look more like Billy Ray Cyrus than Jon Bon Jovi, he’s ready to rock the Dallas charity world.

Housewives visit in: Episode 7

Foundation Room at The House of Blues

House of Blues

2200 N. Lamar St., Dallas

Tiffany hits the salon, too, to get a “higher-the-hair-closer-to-God” style: a faux hawk. LeeAnne spreads all sorts of hair hate, but Tiffany is flying high over Heidi Dillon’s appearance at the event.

Aaron finally gets to share his adult-contemporary sound with the housewives including a song dedicated to Brandi’s brother, who, after returning from serving overseas and suffering PTSD, attempted suicide.

“I’m truly touched, I just wish my brother was there to hear it,” Brandi said in thanking Aaron.

Housewives visit in: Episode 7

Stanley Korshak

500 Crescent Ct, Dallas

Cary and her husband, Mark, hit up the luxury store for a dress for Cary to wear to a photoshoot. The couple decided they needed to update the photos on their plastic surgery center’s website to drum up new business. If Cary wants that summer house in the Swiss Alps, they need to do a few more breast augmentations, her husband says.

Later, Cary models for Mark and says the photos on their website are always of her body -- a testament to her line in the opening credits: She’s not a trophy wife, but a lifetime achievement award.

Housewives visit in: Episode 6

Texas de Brazil

15101 Addison Rd, Addison

Martinis and marital issues are served for Brandi and Bryan. After the salad course — and before they get to the root of the problem — Bryan walks out.

Housewives visit in: Episode 6

Stephan Pyles

Reminder: Chef Stephan Pyles to close flagship restaurant in Dallas this week

1807 Ross Ave., No. 200, Dallas

Finally, a drink is thrown! LeeAnne has a total meltdown at the cocktail party at Stephan Pyles and threatens Brandi and Stephanie. Outside the downtown restaurant, LeeAnne continues to rage, shoving the camera and telling off Tiffany.

“Always the best thing to do is to take the high road,” Cary said. “That was the low road.”

Unfortunately, Stephan Pyles closed a few weeks ago, so you’ll have to go a couple blocks to Pyles’ new Flora Street Cafe — opening this summer —  to re-create the epic drink-flinging drama.

Housewives visit in: Episode 5

De Boulle Diamond and Jewelry

6821 Preston Road, Dallas

She may say that Brandi is her best friend, but there was no denying the way Stephanie’s eyes lighted up when husband Travis takes her diamond shopping to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Stephanie walks out of de Boulle’s with a $75,000, 23-carat diamond bracelet sparkling on her wrist.

Maybe next year, she’ll walk out with the $2.5 million, 20-carat diamond ring she tried on.

Housewives visit in: Episode 5


Taverna by Lombardi (Dallas)

3312 Knox St. Dallas

Apologies are served better with a side of pasta for LeeAnne and Tiffany.

“I’m always going to be team Tiffany, and she’s always going to be team LeeAnne,” LeeAnne said as the besties reconcile at the Oak Lawn restaurant. “Because for so long we were all all each other had.”

Housewives visit in: Episode 5

Flower Reign by Shane Walker

3904 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas

LeeAnne’s charity work takes her all over town, including Flower Reign by Shane Walker for the Paws Cause 20th anniversary kickoff party.

As previously established, LeeAnne lives for charity events, but any that help animals hold a special place in her heart.

“I fell in love with helping. I fell in love saving lives,” she says.

Housewives visit in: Episode 4

We Yogis

5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 150, Dallas

Cary invites Tiffany to yoga where they sweat out the drama. Cary also admitted to having an ulterior motive: showing off her moves. Well, mission accomplished.

“Cary can bend, contort, stretch herself into a pretzel,” Tiffany says.

Cary is shown doing several poses including upward facing dog and several advanced headstand variations. That crazy arm stand pose? It looks like she’s aiming for Eka Pada Koundinyasana I. 

“I don’t know what she’s doing, but I do know that is the kind of woman that can make her husband very happy in the bedroom,” Tiffany says.  

Housewives visit in: Episode 4

The Juice Bar

5560 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas

After hot yoga it’s time for some hot gossip and cold green juices.

Housewives visit in: Episode 4

Bistro 31

Bistro 31

87 Highland Park Village No. 200

A patio and some bubbly, what more do two housewives need to get a party started? For Brandi and Stephanie, ladies’ night gets underway at Highland Park Village’s Bistro 31 and are soon joined by Cary.

By the time the trio is ready to make its way to the next stop, Brandi and Stephanie are well on their way to getting “white girl wasted.”

Housewives visit in: Episode 3

Bistecca — An Italian Steakhouse

2300 Highland Village Road, Highland Village

LeeAnne was worried for nothing -- she and boyfriend Rich, who she met online, nailed his daughter’s birthday gift. The three celebrated the teen’s birthday with dinner and presents, including a pair of sandals, at Bistecca in Highland Village.

Housewives visit in: Episode 3

La Bare

2102 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas

When the husbands are away, the housewives will play.

“We should just like pretend we’re 21 and go to a strip club,” Brandi suggests after learning that despite being married three times, Cary has never had a bachelorette party. So off they head to La Bare.

“Are they regulars?” Cary wonders after Stephanie and Brandi are greeted by the club’s managers.

It kind of looks that way when Brandi gets on stage and shows off her moves with half-dressed male dancers.

“If you stay on stage any longer, we’re going to give you a job,” the emcee tells her while she’s working it.

Housewives visit in: Episode 3

Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery

Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery

5560 West Lovers Lane, Dallas

Brunch was served with a side of drama. LeeAnne met Cary and Stephanie at the Inwood Village Bread Winners Cafe (with exterior shots of the Uptown location, too) to discuss the Mad Hatter’s Tea.

The poop hit the table, and LeeAnne tried to give the other housewives a lesson in respect. Stephanie threw it right back at her. “Why are you trying to act like some kind of Dallas socialite?” she asks LeeAnne. “You have to be born into that.”

Housewives visit in: Episode 3

Binzario Couture

1920 N. Haskell Ave, Dallas

LeeAnne Locken turned to the creative director at this Dallas bridal shop, Andre Yabin, to design her hat for the 2015 Mad Hatter’s Tea at the Dallas Arboretum. The two had worked together a year earlier on a hat so big that it required its own car to get to the event, according to LeeAnne’s boyfriend. That creation was crowned “Most Botanical” at the 2014 tea party.

And though many who attend the annual charity event will shell out an arm and a leg for their hats, LeeAnne is quick to point out that hers was free because she is a walking advertisement for the boutique.

Housewives visit in: Episode 2

From 2013: Based on this evidence from  The Dallas Morning News photo archive, LeeAnne Locken has a passion for over-sized headwear. Here she is with her boyfriend Rich Emberline and Phyllis Comu posing for a green screen photo at Tails of the West Gala raising funds for the SPCA of Texas at Sambuca Uptown on Feb 23, 2013.

From 2013: Based on this evidence from  The Dallas Morning News photo archive, LeeAnne Locken has a passion for over-sized headwear. Here she is with her boyfriend Rich Emberline and Phyllis Comu posing for a green screen photo at Tails of the West Gala raising funds for the SPCA of Texas at Sambuca Uptown on Feb 23, 2013.

Jerry McClure/Contributed photo

Kessler Park

703 Kessler Woods Trail

Prospective homeowners Tiffany and Aaron Hendra want a house that that reminds them of California, said Mia Vincent, the real estate agent for Keller Williams who showed the couple the newly built Kessler Stevens home.

The 3,119-square-foot four-bedroom home they looked at features a bright and airy modern design with metal and wood accents. Tiffany thought it would give them enough space to live while pursuing their passion projects -- Aaron’s music and her fashion blog, Sanctuary of Style.

However, it was not meant to be, and the couple passed on the home, the agent said.

Housewives visit in: Episode 2.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

8525 Garland Road, Dallas

Dallas Arboretum

Wearing a hat adorned with fake poop might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s Brandi Redmond’s style. She donned the hat, which she made herself, for the Mad Hatter’s Tea at the Dallas Arboretum. Not surprisingly, it created some drama.

The tea is a major fundraiser for the Women’s Council of the Dallas Arboretum’s A Woman’s Garden, which is the only public garden in the nation visualized by women, funded by the efforts of women and dedicated to the spirit of women.

Tickets are still available for this year’s Mad Hatter’s Tea, on Thursday, for $250 to $50,000.

Who knows, you may even spot a housewife there.

Housewives visit in: Episode 2

Vintage Martini

2923 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas

LeeAnne Locken and best friend Tiffany Hendra head to the Henderson Avenue consignment store to shop for dresses to wear throughout the spring charity season. Shop owner Ken Weber guides the women around the store. Tiffany suggests a black number to LeeAnne, who is quick to declare the color black "out."

"Everyone knows LeeAnne," Tiffany says in a cut away. "She's like the mayor of Dallas." 

Better watch out, Mayor Rawlings. LeeAnne, the self-declared "mouth of the South," is coming for 1500 Marilla. 

Housewives visit in: Episode 1

Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center

2801 Lemmon Ave., Dallas

Cary Deuber and her husband, Mark, are introduced at his plastic surgery office in Uptown. Cary, a registered nurse, assists during his surgeries. 

The working mother says that in order to be a successful woman in Dallas, "you need a great handbag, you need a great pair of shoes and you need a great pair of boobs."

When she's not in the operating room, Cary is raising money for the Doris Dainely Outreach, which subsidizes the cost of breast reconstruction surgery for uninsured and low-income women. 

"The silver lining after having breast cancer is getting a new pair of tits that are pretty," Cary says. 

Housewives visit in: Episode 1

Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas

4150 N. MacArthur Boulevard, Irving

Stephanie Hollman grew up in a small Oklahoma town where the four seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter. But in Dallas, she and her husband, Travis, are getting the full Four Seasons Resort treatment in their home off the third hole on the golf course.

"Our romance was fueled by Jesus juice," Hollman says about meeting her husband. "It was drunk love at first sight."

Even on Jesus juice-filled nights, Hollman says she can't run around the house naked lest she catch a wandering golfer's eye.

Housewives visit in: Episode 1

The Pantry Restaurant

The Pantry Restaurant

214 E. Louisiana St., McKinney

Tiffany Hendra and her Australian-born husband, Aaron, have a casual cup of coffee at The Pantry Restaurant in McKinney, where they  explain how after years of modeling and making music in Los Angeles, they chose to relocate back to Tiffany's Texas home.

They may miss the LA weather, but they are certain they made the right decision to move away from the "coke, Cristal, private planes, glitz and glamour." 

"We're like peas and carrots again," Tiffany said of reuniting in Texas with best friend LeeAnne.

Housewives visit in: Episode 1

The Guitar Sanctuary

6633 Virginia Parkway, McKinney

"Now that we're in Texas, I want to buy you a real Texas guitar," Tiffany tells her husband as they make their way to The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney.

She says she wants to do whatever she can to help Dallas get to know Aaron and his music. If you want to see what a "real Texas guitar" looks like in action,  check out Aaron Hendra at several free shows at J Macklins in Coppell and one May 5 at Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas, according to his website. 

Housewives visit in: Episode 1

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