Yikes! 'Bachelor' tells two women, including Dallasite, 'I love you'

Sometimes you need to learn when to keep your mouth shut. That was certainly the case Monday night on The Bachelor when the show's star Ben Higgins made a major faux pas and dropped the "L" word not once, but twice -- to two separate women.

It's tough to blame him considering he spent a picturesque week among the forests and beaches of Jamaica with the three gorgeous women, JoJo Fletcher from Dallas, Lauren Bushnell from Portland, Ore., and Caila Quinn from Hudson, Ohio. But viewers know what this means: inevitable heartbreak.

Let's relish in the warm fuzzy feelings for a moment, shall we?

After Fletcher's near disastrous hometown date, which featured a cameo from an ex-boyfriend and her brothers playing the part of Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, the couple rebounded in Jamaica almost immediately. They took a romantic helicopter ride to a beautiful waterfall where Fletcher ultimately felt comfortable enough to share her feelings.

"It's so hard for me to say 'I love you' because I'm scared, but I do," she said with bated breath. "I'm not just falling in love with you."

Cue joyous music.

Fletcher wasn't expecting an answer in return because that's not how The Bachelor works. The bachelor is supposed keep the women guessing so as not to get their hopes up; it's called strategy. But Higgins just dropped the L-bomb with the same ease as the women on this show down wine.

Fletcher's face says it all:

It was, no doubt, a magical moment for the couple, who spent the rest of their date with lips locked. But unbeknownst to Fletcher, this all seemed terribly familiar.

You see, Fletcher secured the third of three dates in Jamaica and just the day before Higgins had told Bushnell the same thing. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you choose your words carefully.

The peanut gallery agreed Higgins made a misstep.

OK so now you're wondering, with all this mushing hoopla ...

Who went to the fantasy suite?

All three women got a private tour of Higgins' digs. However, he declared the sleepover with Fletcher "one of the best nights of my life." Sexy.

In the end, there was one contestant for whom he couldn't reciprocate feelings. That person was Quinn, who made the most painfully awkward exit we've seen all season.

Quinn received the first of three dates in Jamaica, which means come end of the week, Higgins likely forgot about her. So she figured, what better way to refresh his memory than a surprise visit? Spoiler alert: That didn't go over well. In fact, Higgins had just been contemplating how to gently tell Quinn to pack her bags and she walked right into the thick of it. Worse still, after saying goodbye, she hopped out of the car to beat the dead horse. Girl, he's over you; get over it!

Despite the events, there was still a rose ceremony. Both Fletcher and Bushnell walked into the venue and told host Chris Harrison they heard the three magic words and Harrison's face said what fans nationwide were thinking.

The episode ended with a seriously awkward three-way hug and toasts to "falling in love." Yikes! How will Higgins decide who to love and who to leave? You'll have to wait a week -- next Monday Harrison hosts the "Women Tell All," which should be all sorts of juicy. And yes, Olivia Caridi and her mouth will be there!

For now, rest assured knowing Higgins does find a partner. Tuesday, he divulged to Good Morning America he is happily engaged. The Bachelor series finale airs March 14.

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