Mona Reeder

Here's the scene: You and Fido drive to your favorite watering hole and have a drink. You meet other friends, and their Fidos, and one drink turns into three. Now it's hot and you're far from home. You need a ride.

No, your dog will not be allowed to drive.

No, your dog will not be allowed to drive.

Mona Reeder

Uber will now give you and your furry, four-legged friend a lift home. Drivers might take other animal(s), too; the terms of service don't specify what constitutes as a pet. (Not yet anyway.)

The new service has been available since Friday, July 17. It could also be useful for pet owners who need a lift to the vet, to the dog park or home from an especially tiresome walk.

During July, a ride on UberPETS will cost the same as UberX, according to a statement

Here's how it works:

  • Use the Uber app and select "UberPETS" if you're with a non-human friend. 
  • Set your pickup location, like usual. On the map, you'll see blue cartoon cars with puppy paws on them, indicating those are animal-friendly vehicles.
  • Request UberPETS. Soon, you'll be on your way.

Uber's doggone terms of service say your pet must ride with a human, and that human is responsible for the animal. You'll have to pay cleaning fees "should your pal leave behind any mess or cause any damage," the terms say. 

The company warns that there are a limited number of UberPETS drivers. "We're working to make sure this service is paws-able all over the metroplex," they say.

Dallas pet-lebrity Nelson the Goldendoodle took UberPETS' first ride. It appears he's smart enough to operate a smartphone, too:

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