Congratulations, Internet, y'all have been persistent enough about demanding a taco emoji that the Unicode Consortium included it in the newest version of Unicode along with 36 other emojis.

People are pissed about Texas-themed emojis because they apparently aren't emojis

What is the Unicode Consortium? 

Excellent question. The Unicode Consortium is a magical and wonderful group of Internet beings representing software producers, database vendors, governments, user groups and interested individuals. They develop and maintain international software standards and data including the Unicode Standard from which our favorite emojis are birthed.

Essentially, without the Unicode Consortium and the Unicode Standard, the way we are used to digitally communicating would be nearly impossible. It is why you can read this article on a Mac, PC, iPhone or Android and everything look relatively the same. Pretty cool, huh? 

So, what's new? 

Tacos for one. Also burritos. Along with a unicorn head, cricket bat, popping champagne bottle, hook 'em horns (or devil horns, if you prefer) and a number of symbols of religious significance. 

See the full list here. 

Why aren't they on my phone already? 

It is up to the various platform developers to implement them in the software that runs on your phone. If you have an iPhone, you're going to be waiting on Apple. Android? Give Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google a call. 

Unicode 7 was released June 16, 2014 but was not implemented on Apple devices until April 2015 with the iOS 8.3 update. 

I recommend practicing some patience. Apple announced iOS 9 last week at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but don't expect to be able to update until August or September. Even the release of the new iOS does not necessarily mean that the 37 new emojis will be included in the update. 

Take heart, though, at least your cries for pictorial communication about tacos have been heard. 

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